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I am a Bay Area librarian with a passion for literacy, literature and all things literary, French and funny.

You can also find me one of these sites. I’m most active on Goodreads.


Although I do receive both solicited and unsolicited books in the mail, a lot of the publisher-sent review titles come through LibraryThing’s Early Reviews program. Most of the books I review are either library copies or my own books. I receive no payments for my reviews. I am not a part of any affiliates plan, so I get no money from the links I post on my blog. This site was born as an outlet for me to share my thoughts on the books that I’ve read.

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Review Policy:

Please note that a review copy sent to me does not always guarantee a review or mention on my blog. I will make sure that those books find their way into hands that will appreciate the book. When I do finish the book, I will review it honestly on this site. You can send me title queries with the following form, please be advised of the following:

Subjects I WILL consider:

  • Anything set in France or England, having to do with the French or the English.
  • Fiction – Magical Realism a la Cecila Ahern or Audrey Niffenegger.
  • Fiction – Food fiction
  • Fiction – Historical Fiction
  • Fiction – Short stories
  • Non Fiction – Cookbooks,
  • Non Fiction – Travel Memoirs
  • Non Fiction – History (mostly European)

Subjects I WON’T consider:

  • Romance
  • Thrillers
  • Crime
  • Mysteries
  • Erotica
  • Sports
  • Self-Published
  • Online only titles
  • Chick-Lit
  • Horror/Suspense


18 responses to “Contact/Review Policies

  1. Who are you? What have you done with my little sister??!!

  2. Just the blog I was looking for to get some great book recommendations.. NY Time Book review look out! 😉

  3. Love the picture in your blog header – yours? (of course, I enjoy your book recommendations, too!)

  4. rantsandreads

    Oh: I found this picture on in January and I loved it. But I think they’ve since taken it down.

  5. Thanks for a neat blog.
    The best to you.

  6. Too many overlaps. I’m subscribing!

  7. rantsandreads

    Terry and Kaet,

    Thanks for the compliments!! Yay, I’m so happy people like my blog!

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  9. Ju Haghverdian

    hehehe Nari
    That is a great space you have here =D
    keep writing

  10. I LOVE that cat! Sorry, I had to mention is again… i miss moosh, i kinda miss nomo…

  11. The perfect indulgence for you!! I subscribe now 😛

  12. Dear Nari,

    I’m an online marketing manager at HarperCollins Publishers and I am interested in sending you some books for possible review on your blog.

    So I dont overrun you with too many books, I would normally shoot out an email about what I’ve got avialable and let you respond with whatever you might be interested in taking a look at.

    If that sounds alright to you, please just send me an email at

    Hope to hear from you!

    Best, k

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  14. Hi Nari. I know you review books, but I was wondering if you’d be open to reviewing a website. I won’t leave the name here b/c I don’t want to be spammy, but I imagine you can see the email and url I have to enter in order to leave a comment. Anyway, it’s book related, but it’s not a blog. You can buy and sell books, but it’s not Amazon. And you can put together and share a beautiful online bookshelf, but it’s not LibraryThing.

    I hope to hear back from you.

  15. Hi Nari!
    I just wanted to thank you again for joining in and sharing your comments over on my discussion on Book Blogs on what makes a great blog. I also wanted to tell you how much I like your blog! The design is very nice- not too crowded ( I see that quite a bit while I’m learning the ins and outs of blogging design) and I enjoy your writing!
    I will definitely be following your blog! Suzanne (

  16. Dear blogger,
    I am a past librarian cum full time librarian. if you are interested in reviewing my two novels Always and Forever and The Honey Trap, please e mail me.
    Annette Dunlea

  17. Nari,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:

    Hope you find it helpful!


  18. sarah chamberlain

    i am trying to find dewey decimal numberfor Reading

    to have printed on a tote….can’t seem to find it